In the interest of transparency, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York regularly releases the president’s Annual Financial Disclosures and daily schedules as well as board of directors meeting minutes.

President's Annual Financial Reports

The New York Fed's president completes the Report A Financial Disclosure Form, which requires the most extensive level of personal financial disclosure of any Federal Reserve Bank disclosure report. The president's financial disclosure reports are extensively reviewed for potential or actual conflicts of interest and compliance with applicable laws and policies. Reviews are conducted by the Chief Compliance and Ethics Officer of the Bank and the Board of Governors' Designated Agency Ethics Official.

Financial Reports
President's Daily Schedules

The New York Fed releases the president's daily schedules every quarter with a one-quarter lag, and applies its Transparency and Accountability Policy to them with regard to any redactions. The Bank will review this practice on an ongoing basis.

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Archive of Meeting Minutes

The New York Fed releases the minutes of the Bank’s board of directors meetings with a minimum of a six-month lag. The documents are posted on a bi-annual basis in June and December of each year and include minutes from January 2007 onward.

The documents include minutes for the Bank’s in-person board of director meetings, the bi-weekly board conference calls, and the board of directors’ committee meetings with the exception of the meetings of the Audit and Risk Committee. The release of minutes of the Audit and Risk Committee could impair the effectiveness of the Bank’s risk and audit-related controls. As captured in the minutes of the in-person meetings, the chair of the Audit and Risk Committee regularly reports to the full board.

Redacted sections of the documents are limited to those that summarize the directors’ views of the state of the economy and markets, which can include confidential commercially sensitive information. In addition, the names of certain personnel have been redacted due to privacy concerns, as well as information that if released could represent a security risk for the Bank.

The Bank has issued a limited waiver of otherwise applicable privileges and exemptions with respect to the documents posted to date. Going forward, the Bank may from time to time assert additional privileges and exemptions as warranted.

Meeting Minutes
Freedom of Information Requests
Freedom of Information Office
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