Who We Are

Approximately 3,000 unique individuals work together each day to help the New York Fed carry out its mission to make the U.S. economy stronger and the financial system more stable for all segments of society.

Standing in Unity
The New York Fed stands in unity with all those who oppose racism, hate and violence. We join them in a shared desire to root out the intolerable inequities and injustice grounded in systemic racism. We are firm in the belief that economic equality is a critical component for social justice and that we will never have the truly inclusive and strong economy we seek until access to health, education, safety and justice knows no racial or other boundaries.
We are dedicated to understanding and finding solutions to the numerous forms of inequality that communities of color experience and working with communities in our District to address deep-seated inequities. We are steadfast in our commitment to work for a more equitable economy and society for all, and will redouble our efforts in pursuit of this essential mission.

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