Fingerprint Procedures
The procedures below are applicable if you are associated with an application or notice that has been filed or that will be filed in the near future with the Federal Reserve System, and Federal Reserve staff has determined that you are subject to a name check.

This is a procedure whereby background information on an individual is requested from other regulatory and investigative authorities, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). In order for the FBI to perform this check, you must supply your fingerprints. You may go to any Fieldprint location to have your fingerprints taken electronically through their LiveScan sites, which are sent to the appropriate federal law enforcement agencies. When requesting an appointment, all requested fields in bold are required. The site is encrypted, and all confidential demographic information is protected. Fingerprint technicians will not have access to your confidential personal information or have knowledge of why your fingerprints are required.

Please note that a delay in having your fingerprints taken electronically through Fieldprint can result in a delay in final action on your application or notification. To the extent possible, you should be fingerprinted prior to the submission of a filing with the Federal Reserve.

For more information on the name check and fingerprint process, please also see SR Letter 15-8 and SR Letter 20-20.

Questions regarding the applicability of the fingerprint requirements should be directed to the Bank Applications general number: (212) 720-8842.

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