International Services, Seminars & Training

The New York Fed seminars, training programs, and conferences—and our account relationships with the international central banking community—position the Federal Reserve Bank of New York as a leader in policy, technology, and education for central bankers. On behalf of the Federal Reserve System, we provide correspondent and custodial banking services for central banks, monetary authorities, and certain international organizations to facilitate their official financial operations.
Services for Central Banks

Central banks and monetary institutions around the world hold a sizable portion of their international reserves in U.S. dollars. The New York Fed provides accounts where these official institutions may choose to hold, transact in, and invest in U.S. dollars. The banking services associated with these accounts include payment services, custodial services for securities and gold, and investment services. Learn more.


Visitor Appointments
Should you or your colleagues wish to meet with New York Fed officials, please send an email to

We ask that these requests be sent at least three weeks in advance of the visit. We encourage flexibility with exact dates and times of meetings in order to accommodate scheduling conflicts and previous commitments by Bank staff. The International Affairs and Strategy Office will send you an itinerary prior to your appointment.

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Services for Financial Institutions
Business Development Office
East Rutherford Operations Center
(800) 257-6701

Choose from a detailed list of contacts for Account Services, Automated Clearing House (FedACH), Fedwire, Saving Bond Service and more.
Financial Services Contacts offsite
Services for Central Banks
Central Bank and International Account Services (CBIAS)
(212) 720-5679
Monday to Friday, 8:30am - 5:30pm, (EDT)
International Seminars and Training
Visitor Appointments
Krista Arfsten
(212) 720-6255

Fall Programs
U.S. Monetary Policy Implementation
Oct 7-9
Oct 7-9
Central Banking Seminar
Oct 21-25
The Central Bank Lawyer
Oct 28-29
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