Central Banking Seminar and Online Central Banker Programs Frequently Asked Questions

Will you accept multiple nominations from an institution for the Central Banking Seminar?
We are happy to accept two nominations per central bank for the 2021 Central Banking Seminar. However, there is no limit as to the number of individuals that can register for our other online central banker programs.

Are there specific eligibility requirements or a target audience for your online central banker programs?
Participation in the Bank's online central banker programs is limited to officials from central banks and financial supervisors.

Specific Program Requirements:

Central Banking Seminar:
Because the seminar focuses on financial markets and monetary and financial policy issues, participants should have some background in these areas to derive maximum benefit from the program. The Seminar is designed to broaden the experience of central bankers who have been identified as potential leaders by their respective institutions.

Online Central Banker Programs:
Participants in these programs must register using their official central bank or financial supervisory authority email addresses.

How can I register for the Central Banking Seminar and online central banker programs?
Additional details concerning the nomination process for the 2021 Central Banking Seminar will be forthcoming. Registration links to our online central banker programs will be made available on our International Seminars & Training website.

Does the Federal Reserve Bank of New York charge tuition for their online central banker programs?
The Federal Reserve does not charge tuition or fees for any of our online central banker programs or the Central Banking Seminar.

Where can I find the online central banker program agendas?
The agendas for the upcoming programs will be sent directly to participants by email several weeks before each program is scheduled to begin.

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