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New York Fed Launches Interactive Regional Indicators of Consumer Debt
June 3, 2013

NEW YORK–The Federal Reserve Bank of New York today launched an interactive regional indicators tool that allows users to view non-housing consumer debt for borrowers in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.  The tool shows statistics for student loans, auto loans and credit cards by age group for each state in user-defined combinations.  Also provided are maps for each state showing non-housing borrower delinquency rates at the county-level.

The tool allows users to view the following indicators by age group and type of non-housing debt for each of the three states:

  • Percent of borrowers in the population
  • Percent of borrowers 90+ days delinquent
  • Percent of borrowers with credit scores above 620
  • Median borrower debt balance

Data for the tool is from the New York Fed’s Consumer Credit Panel, a nationally representative sample drawn from Equifax credit data, and the U.S. Census.

About Regional & Community Outreach at the New York Fed
The Federal Reserve Bank of New York's regional outreach mission is to promote sustained economic vitality by leveraging the Bank's strengths to benefit the people in the District. The New York Fed is also active in maintaining connections with the District’s people and key communities in order to inform Bank policy decisions and build support for sound monetary and regulatory policy.

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