As of December 2023, the Weekly Economic Index is published by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas and is available on their website.


Weekly Economic Index (WEI)

The WEI provides a signal of the state of the U.S. economy based on data available at a daily or weekly frequency.

The WEI is an index of ten indicators of real economic activity, scaled to align with the four-quarter GDP growth rate. It represents the common component of series covering consumer behavior, the labor market, and production. The WEI was developed by Daniel Lewis, a former economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York; Karel Mertens, a senior economic policy advisor at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas; and Jim Stock, a professor of economics at Harvard University. It launched on the websites of the New York Fed and the Dallas Fed in April 2020. As of December 2023, it is published by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

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