Visiting Scholars
Our Visiting Scholars are a valuable component of the research effort at the New York Fed, strengthening the links between staff economists and their peers at universities. Scholars may visit the Bank on an ongoing basis for one day a week (typically Fridays) or for one-time periods of a week, semester or year.

  Resident Scholars
Kenneth West OFFSITE
University of Wisconsin
Peter Diamond OFFSITE
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  Long-Term Visitors
Gauti Eggertsson OFFSITE
Brown University
  One Week Visitors
Adam Sacarny OFFSITE
Columbia University
Adriana Lleras-Muney OFFSITE
University of California, Los Angeles
Antonio Guarino OFFSITE
University College London
Bart Hobijn OFFSITE
Arizona State University
Benjamin Moll OFFSITE
Princeton University
Eric French OFFSITE
University College London
Ernst-Ludwig von Thadden OFFSITE
University of Mannheim
Franco Fiordelisi OFFSITE
University of Rome
Giorgio Primiceri OFFSITE
Northwestern University
Gordon Dahl OFFSITE
UC San Diego
Imran Rasul OFFSITE
University College London
Justine Hastings OFFSITE
Brown University
Magne Mogstad OFFSITE
University of Chicago
Mark Duggan OFFSITE
Stanford University
Mathias Trabandt OFFSITE
Freie Universit´┐Żt Berlin
Matthew Notowidigdo OFFSITE
Northwestern University
Pete Klenow OFFSITE
Stanford University
Philip Strahan OFFSITE
Boston College
Rafael Dix-Carneiro OFFSITE
Duke University
Rafael Repullo OFFSITE
Robert Townsend OFFSITE
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Columbia University
  Occasional Visitors
Andrew Winton OFFSITE
University of Minnesota
Bruce Mizrach OFFSITE
Rutgers University
Charlie Kahn OFFSITE
University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign
Christopher Sims OFFSITE
Princeton University
David Childers OFFSITE
Carnegie Mellon University
David Skeie OFFSITE
Texas A&M University
Frank Schorfheide OFFSITE
University of Pennsylvania
George Pennacchi OFFSITE
University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana
Gilles Duranton OFFSITE
University of Pennsylvania
Harris Dellas OFFSITE
University of Bern
Itay Goldstein OFFSITE
University of Pennsylvania, Wharton
Jonathan Wright OFFSITE
Johns Hopkins University
Jordi Gali OFFSITE
Columbia University
Yale University
Mark Gertler OFFSITE
New York University
Matthew Wiswall OFFSITE
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Max Farrell OFFSITE
University of Chicago
Michael Jacobides  OFFSITE
London Business School
Michael Woodford OFFSITE
Columbia University
Mila Getmansky Sherman OFFSITE
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Nobuhiro Kiyotaki OFFSITE
Princeton University
Paul Glasserman OFFSITE
Columbia University
Scott Joslin OFFSITE
USC Marshall School of Business
Stefan Lewellen OFFSITE
Carnegie Mellon
Tarun Ramadorai OFFSITE
Impertial College
Will Dobbie OFFSITE
Princeton University
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